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Design Studio

Solmar's Design Studio is where our homeowner's dreams and aspirations come true

The Solmar Design Studio is where it all begins.  From the moment you enter our Design Studio, you will be inspired by our vignettes and vast range of fine finishes and materials which have been selected by our Professional Design Consultant. The materials and finishes offered have been carefully chosen based on quality, performance and the latest trends.

Your Design Consultant will guide you and make recommendations to ensure that the vision you have for your new Solmar Home becomes a reality. The overall look and style of your new home begins with your personal vision and ends with a truly amazing design experience at Solmar. To help provide you with a better understanding of the Design Studio process, please find below an overview of what you can expect.

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  • Scheduling Your Design Studio Appointment

    You will be contacted by our Design Studio Manager to schedule your appointment. Appointments will be booked Monday to Friday for 9:30 am or 2:00 pm. The appointment runs typically 2-3 hours. We recommend you schedule the full 3 hours so that we will be able to address all your customization and décor needs. We also recommend you attend with your spouse or bring a close friend or relative whose opinion you value who can assist you in these decisions.

    How To Prepare For Your Design Studio Appointment

    As you will be making many decisions during your decor appointment, we suggest you do some research and come prepared. Look at pictures of kitchens and bathrooms that you like. Understand the differences in materials…laminate versus hardwood flooring, granite versus marble and quartz for countertops. Consider your electrical needs: do you prefer a chimney fan or micro-fan? Consider colour combinations that reflect your personality. Search the internet and magazines for Traditional, Transitional, Modern and Contemporary styles. Still not sure what your style is? Rest assured your experienced Design Consultant’s relaxed approach will help you.

    To help you prepare for your future Design appointment, we have prepared a list of design options for you to consider

    Download PDF

    When You Arrive: How Do We Begin?

    Your personal design process will begin with a one on one consultation, with our specialized Design Consultant. The first step will focus on the space layout, electrical and mechanical elements. Then the most important and fun parts of your home will be designed. You will be asked to select from a wide range of personalized materials, colours and styles to create your dream kitchen, inviting flooring concepts and inspiring spaces throughout your home. These design elements will set the overall style and colour scheme of your new home followed by the selecting of countertops, backsplash etc. Once you are content with your selection of materials, a Colour Char and Floor Plan will be generated showing all selections. This is not the end but the beginning of making your dream home a reality.

    “I look forward with great excitement and passion in assisting you in creating your dream home.”

    Miriam Tollis
    Design Studio Manager

  • When will I be contacted to schedule my Design Studio appointment?
    Your appointment is scheduled based on the construction schedule for your specific site. You will receive a letter and contacted by phone by a design consultant.

    I work full time; can I request my Design Studio appointment during the evening or on weekends?
    All appointments are scheduled during business hours Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

    We must have full access to trades as well as personnel in our construction office so that we can address any special requests you may have in customizing your new Solmar home.

    I am unable to keep my scheduled appointment what should I do?
    Please call at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment as this will give us time to book another purchaser in your timeslot.

    It is imperative that all scheduled appointments are kept, as construction deadlines must be met and this will avoid disappointment when we are unable to accommodate any changes or additions to your new home.

    How much time should I allow for the Design Studio appointment?
    There is a possibility your Design Studio appointment will take place in 2 stages. You should allow yourself a minimum of 2 hours for phase one which is your customization appointment and a minimum of 3-4 hours for the décor phase which includes the selection of materials, colours and styles.

    I would like to come prepared for my appointment, what should I bring?
    You will receive a letter in the mail with a list of options for your consideration. In the interim, you can prepare a wish list. Visit websites for décor ideas, a great one is Bring to your “décor” appointment something such as a favorite pillow; pictures of your furniture, anything that will help your design consultant better understand your tastes and lifestyle.

    When is payment due if I choose to purchase Optional items?
    You will be required to finalize and make payment for all Optional items you selected upon completion of your Design Studio appointment. Included in the letter you will receive prior to booking your appointment, is a list of all payment options available to you.

    Please keep in mind construction is ongoing and unless payment is received your file will not be sent to the construction department and as a result you may miss out on the Options you are considering.

    We have purchased a home together must we all attend the Design Studio appointment?
    Yes. Upon completion of your appointment you will be required to sign legal documents. Although payment is received for the purchase of Optional items, the construction department will not receive your file to process unless all required signature are present. Any delays will result in missed opportunities for the Options paid for and a refund will not be given.

  • Solmar Design Studio
    122 Romina Dr.
    Concord ON L4K 4Z7

    (905) 660-9222


    Hours of Operation:
    Monday to Friday
    By Appointment Only

    Miriam Tollis
    Design Studio Manager

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